Vet Reveals Dog Breeds She Will Never Own

Veterinarian by profession, Whitney Terrell recently caused a stir on the social network TikTok by posting a video where she reveals which dog breeds she prefers, but also, and above all, those she likes the least. In addition to the classification drawn up by the veterinarian and relayed by the dailymail, it is the explanations provided by the latter that have aroused the interest of Internet users.

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In the first position of dogs that Whitney Terrell likes the least: the goldendoodle (or groodle) and poodle mixes. Dogs, certainly, nice, but too “crazy”, “which do not hold in place more than two seconds”, sometimes “very aggressive”, and which, moreover, will have much too much maintenance according to the veterinarian.

In the second position of the dogs least appreciated by the veterinarian: German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. If the latter emphasizes that these are very good dogs, good police dogs and good rescue dogs, but deplores the personal investment that these represent in terms of education. “95% of the ones we see at the clinic want to bite our face off because they’re not trained properly…I know I wouldn’t be able to train them properly because I haven’t If you are considering getting one of these dogs, don’t do it lightly because they need a lot of training, a lot of attention.”

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Brachycephalic dogs, French bulldogs and pugs: fragile dogs

Third in the ranking: brachycephalic or short-muzzled dogs such as French bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers and shih tzus. Why ? Because, although sweet and cute, these dogs are frequently subject to health problems, and in particular respiratory problems. “They snore, I already have a snoring husband, I don’t need anything else. Skinfold dermatitis, allergies, yeast, smell, gas, that’s a no from me,” he explains. -she.

Fourth in the ranking of the dogs that the veterinarian likes the least: the chihuahuas. Although adorable because of their small size, these dogs are clearly not “her cup of tea”, because she fears walking on them. “We have a few that are super nice, the rest of them are ankle biters,” she adds.

At the last position? Chinese crested or hairless dogs. Dogs that the veterinarian describes as “nervous”, “spicy” and “a little fat”.

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The golden retriever, an ideal dog for families

But Whitney Terrell didn’t just list her least favorite dogs. The vet also listed her favorites, again, explaining why. And it is the basset hounds that come in first place in the ranking. “They smell bad, they bark very loudly, they can have ear, back and weight issues. They can be a bit grumpy at the vet at times but I love them, they are so sweet. Mine is the best dog of all times, he comes to work with me every day,” she says.

In second place? Mutts, mixed breed dogs and strays. Dogs that “can look like anything”, but “fantastic” dogs, which are generally stronger because they don’t have as many genetic or hereditary issues as purebred dogs. “They are grateful to have a home,” says the veterinarian who strongly recommends them.

In the third position of the dogs that the veterinarian prefers: the golden retriever. “Beautiful”, “nice” dogs that make “super family dogs”. “He’s a good first dog, especially for families. A good temperament, easy to train, I love them,” she says!

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The German Shorthaired Pointer: an athletic dog

Fourth in the ranking: the German Shorthaired Pointer. A dog that the veterinarian describes as “beautiful”, “happy” and “super athletic”. “I don’t remember seeing an unhappy one,” she says. However, if you are sedentary, if you do not like adventure and you walk every day, go your way! “These are athletic dogs, which need to be exercised or they will destroy stuff,” she warns.

Finally, in fifth position: the Great Pyrenees. Breeds of dogs that are usually found at the posts of shepherd dogs, guarding goats, sheep and farm animals. This makes them dogs that are not used to staying indoors, or around people, underlines the veterinarian. “They are not necessarily the best at the vet but I love them so much,” she discovered.

If this classification of course only engages the veterinarian who draws it up, the advice of this specialist is however good to take. And even more so if you are about to adopt a dog!

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