Vaud: Sentenced, the owner of the dogs who allegedly killed a cat, appeals

Accused of letting her two dogs of the kuvasz breed wander, who allegedly killed a neighbor’s cat one evening in December 2020 on the Riviera, the owner of the canines had compared at the end of September before the Veveysan Court (VD), after opposing a criminal order. Recognized guilty of contravening the cantonal wildlife law, this 50-year-old was recently sentenced to a fine of 500 francs. Although she saw her financial sentence reduced by 1,000 francs, the latter appealed against the judgment.

Contacted, his lawyer, who had pleaded acquittal, did not wish to comment on this decision. As a reminder, the latter had argued that in the criminal sense, no fault could be attributed to his client, who had done everything to ensure that her property was waterproof and secure.

Because the two dogs pointed out have antecedents. In 2018, they were implicated for killing another cat, after attacking a person on his property. While in 2014, they had left the garden of the property to roam the neighborhood, before biting, without reason, two incidents that occurred on the spot.

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