US will defend Taiwan in ‘unprecedented attack’, says Joe Biden

During a television interview on the CBS channel, US President Joe Biden made several announcements. He first claimed, in front of the cameras, that American troops were defending Taiwan if the island were to be invaded by China, a statement that should once again make Chinese leaders cringe.

To the question of whether “Americans would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion”the American leader replied: “Yes, if an unprecedented attack happened”. Asked by AFP to find out if this declaration would lead to concrete actions, a White House spokesperson affirmed, this Sunday evening, September 18, that the policy of the United States with regard to Taiwan “had not changed”. However, during his interview, the President of the United States also stressed that he was not in the process of “to encourage” the island to declare its formal independence. “It’s their decision”, did he declare. He took the opportunity to tell his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that if China were to violate the sanctions imposed on Russia, it would be “a gigantic mistake”.


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