UNUSUAL. Wash your dog by the minute in an enema

You read correctly. “Teddywash” is neither a carwash nor a laundry, but a canine laundromat. In the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Marseille, you can wash your dog at a lower cost. On a try.

You may have never said to yourself that “dog and laundromat” go hand in hand. And yet, that’s what Anthony Arnone, the owner of Teddy Wash, offers. »There are customers who ask me if there isn’t a roller that will come out like in a carwash“, he smiles.

In this canine laundromat in the heart of Marseille, everything is thought out for the well-being of the dog, assures this animal lover. It will soon be a year since it opened. Dog owners are not immune to the purchasing power crisis. This is what this entrepreneur has seen with a slight increase in his clientele in recent months.

“The idea is to make this machine available in self-service for people who cannot afford to go to the groomer.”, clearly announces Anthony Arnone.

Like washing your car, here the service is paid by the minute: sixty seconds for one euro. Above the tub for washing the dog, a demonstration video allows you to make the best use of the different washing accessories. And above all, do not panic, it is possible to pause once the credit has deteriorated.

It’s a real plus for his customers, assures Anthony Arnone: “We don’t run behind time like in a carwash, we can pause to take the time to properly shampoo the dog, for example.”

The minimum to use the machine is five euros. It takes double or even triple to wash a dog at a groomer.Here, on the other hand, we do not offer the cut or the tone. But after the summer, I will hire a toilet. Lots of customers have asked me“, announces the young man of 31 years.

It will not deviate from its rule of being accessible to all budgets. “I don’t know yet what price I will do. But as with washing, the idea would be to at least halve the price compared to grooming”, he promises.

All dogs are accepted up to 120kg. Corn “we see more medium/large sizes than small ones“, admits Anthony Arnone.

In addition to welcoming dogs, the laundromat is also a “parcel deposit”. He collects and stores parcels. They, too, come in all sizes. This makes it possible to hold the attention of the curious like a passer-by accompanied by her daughter.

JI did not know the principle at all, but I will bring my dog ​​back”, she promises, picking up her package. A neighbor used to dropping off her parcels with her two small dogs. But she won’t come for her two poodles: “ I wash them at home in my bathtub”.

“It’s much easier to wash your dog here than in the bathtub”, ensure the manager. The machine is equipped with a bin at human height. At the bottom, an anti-slip plate prevents the dog from slipping.

And above all, the windows are made of plexiglass to allow the animal to see the outside.

The dog feels the mood of the master. At home, all he has to do is splash water everywhere or fuss in the tub for the master to tense up and they both have a bad time.” he analyzes.

Eliott came with his two-year-old dog, Twienkie. The first time, she was a little agitated because she did not know the machine, he explains to us.

Before, we didn’t take him to the groomer, because we had to make an appointment, but also because it’s a cost. Now we try to bring him here more often.” explains this Marseillais. We were able to follow the quick grooming of her two-year-old dog, Twienkie. Well, we grant you, she does not look super happy.

As in a classic laundromat where you can bring your laundry, it is also possible to bring specific shampoos for your favorite animal. The products available in the machine are all pH neutral: from shampoo to pest control.

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