Unusual: disoriented, thousands of carrier pigeons went during a race that linked Narbonne to Belgium

The racing pigeon competition has turned into a disaster. This course, organized at the end of July, aimed to strengthen Narbonne and Belgium. 26,149 pigeons then took flight, but unfortunately several thousand never arrived at their destination…

It looks like they got caught in a storm that completely disoriented them.

The president of the Belgian pigeon fancier’s federation, Pascal Bodengien, declared on the public channel VRT that it was about an “emotional and financial drama”: “It is simply sad”, he added. According to him, some birds found themselves by accident in Germany, but “the majority are definitely lost”.

This is tragic for breeders given that the price of such a bird can go up to several thousand euros and that it takes several years to train and train it. As one of the pigeon fanciers in the running, Ulrich Lemmens, testified to the British media The Guardian : “In 13 years of pigeon racing this is the first time this has happened. Three years of work have gone up in smoke. My goal is Barcelona [une prestigieuse course de pigeons] in 2024. But now I can forget about it.”

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