Unusual: a Chilean flamingo spotted in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

A Chilean flamingo was spotted in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel on Monday, October 24, 2022. ©Sébastien Provost

A Chilean flamingo was seen by Sébastien Provost, ornithology guide this Monday, October 24 around 11:30 a.m.

“It is a common species in parks and zoos, which also sometimes reproduces in the wild. Of course, the bird of the bay is not of wild origin”, specifies the ornithological guide of Birding Mont-Saint-Michel.

Preview during a group outing

Sébastien Provost was with a group, during one of his outings to observe the birds of the bay.

We identified it from Mont Manet and decided to go to the Bec d’Andaine to see it more closely.

Sébastien Provost

He confirms the identification of the son. It is not a pink flamingo but a Chilean flamingo.

“It has more black in the beak and its legs are gray with pink joints”.

A pink flamingo seen in the Bay of Seine

“The wild (Camargue) flamingo has a bit of a chance of being seen in the bay, but it sometimes strays further north. It was seen recently in the Seine estuary”.

If this bird was seen alone during this observation, “it has sometimes happened that groups of three or four have been seen in the Bay, in the past, again birds of feral (wild) or captive origin”.

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A flamingo lived in the bay for ten years

“We remember a flamingo from Chile who had imagined the hanging bay for more than ten years and who had been found dead at the foot of Tombelaine in 2012”, recalls the guide from Birding Mont-Saint-Michel.

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