United States Grand Prix – Sainz on pole, Red Bull champion, Mercedes underdogs: The GP in question

What time does the race restart?

2 p.m. local, 9 p.m. French.

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Why is it the most open start of the year?

Because the advantage of pole position, located on the right, on the rolling part and therefore more adherent, and counterbalanced by the fact that turn n°1 offers an entry all the way to the left, which makes it possible to block a competitor displayed normally on the right . Max Verstappen had the bitter experience of it in 2021 by trying to tamp down Lewis Hamilton on his left.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for it to end like this in Austin. Since the creation of the event in 2012, only four drivers have been able to transform their pole position into leadership in the 1st lap (2012, 13, 14, 2016).

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What is the success rate of the poleman in Austin?

5 out of 9 or 55%. The poleman has won five times, in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Where do you have to start from to win?

From the front line. This is a condition that has seen no exception since 2012.

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) trembles in pole position?

He had mixed fortunes during his two previous starts in the lead: he missed out at Silverstone against Max Verstappen and held on at Spa against Sergio Pérez.

Is Max Verstappen (Red Bull) the favorite for victory?

It is Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) who affirms it, with a touch of fatalism. “I’m not going to lie: Red Bull a very good racing car”, he warned, after qualifying. The Dutchman echoed his point of view as a reminder that the RB18 is faster in the race than in qualifying. With two pole positions but six victories in the last seven Grands Prix, he has largely proven it.

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What can Mercedes expect?

A third place, or a second if Carlos Sainz is having a bad day. The W13 has received its latest developments, without entirely convincing. “I felt so optimistic all weekend: the car was good (..), I was hoping we were going to be much closer, admitted Lewis Hamilton. I don’t know if it’s because the temperatures have dropped or the wind picked up, but the car was explained less well and it was difficult to link the laps, especially in the last sector. I think we can be able to follow the cars in front – especially in the corners – but they just have a bigger base rhythm than ours.”

Does the circuit encourage overtaking?

Yes. The most common maneuvers are at the two big brakes on the circuit: at n°1 and at the end of the longest straight line of the route, at n°12.

Overruns in recent years:

  • 2015: 51
  • 2016: 40
  • 2017: 34
  • 2018: 27 (including 20 with DRS)
  • 2019: 60 (40 with DRS)
  • 2021: 32 (14 with DRS)

What current strategy?

No change this year: Pirelli provides two pit stops during the 56 laps.

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What are the conditions for Red Bull Racing to be champions?

The Austrian team is 165 points ahead of Ferrari and will need 147 at the finish to crown itself. She must therefore not give up more than 19 points to her rival. For that, he just needs to win, to place 2nd and 3rd, or to have two cars in the top 4.

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