United States: a girl walks with an alligator on a leash

The video featuring this young man walking an alligator on a leash in Philadelphia (USA) quickly went viral.

A non-aggressive reptile

This unusual scene was filmed and posted on TikTok on August 27. A little girl was spotted taking a walk alligator on a leash in Philadelphia (United States). The alligator, named Wally belongs to a reptile specialist. “Wally was quite different from all the alligators with whom [il avait] dealt with over the past thirty years. He never showed any anger or aggression.”named its owner on CNN. As soon as shared on the social network, the video went viral, report 20 minutes.

UN “emotional support”

To United Statesthem alligator may be prescribed by a physician as a “emotional support”. After cancer, Wally’s owner underwent heavy treatments and suffered from significant depression. He was then allowed to walk his alligator on a leash, as reported Philadelphia plaintiff in 2019. Despite the dangerous side of the animal, he was never afraid of being attacked by the reptile. “He’s the only alligator I know that refuses to bite, he’s amazing!”, he pointed out. According to the New York PostWally enters a contest to become America’s favorite animal.

It should not be forgotten that thealligator can be dangerous. Between 1948 and 2021, it was responsible for 442 attacks, including 26 fatalities, according to the Florida Conservation Commission. In this state, the reptile is considered a pest and can be killed if it becomes threatening.

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@wallythealligator Wally loved spending the day in Love Park, Philadelphia!!#WallyGatorESA ♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen


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