Understand the animal to improve its well-being and that of the guardian

When we talk about animal communication and energy care, we have to explain. Convinced, Marika Bernier is committed to this by giving mini-conferences, leading workshops and offering short training courses.

This profession, she discovered it thanks to a retraining, many years after having given in the fight against exclusion, social integration, prevention, then others in the animation of collectives, networks. Years of exciting but exhausting work for results that are not always there.

Perceiving in her a hypersensitivity for animals, she trained and launched her own business in 2020. “Animals are authentic, they are present, relationships with them are less complicated than with humans.” Marika does not however exclude her taste for human relations. “There is a mirror relationship between the guardian and his animal, and very often we bring well-being to the animal and also to his guardian.”

Training workshop

The communicator can be solicited for various reasons: modification of a behavior following a health problem, after being treated by a veterinarian, a change of life, an accident, an event… “The results are stunning, yes it works!”

If the majority of requests concern cats, dogs and pets of all kinds, Marika has experienced great satisfaction with horses.

The first contact is made during an interview with the guardian of the animal, from a distance. The work on the animal is produced immediately by the communicator, always at a distance. “I become a tool, I manage to put myself on the same wavelength as the animal, it’s daily work, it’s a lot of meditation.” A debriefing closes the service, and energy treatments can complete it if necessary.

On November 5 and 6, Marika Bernier will lead a training workshop for individuals at the Imala equestrian center in Florac, on animal communication with the teaching of horses.

Contact: 07 69 56 08 26; website: audeladesapparitions.fr.

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