Two students hospitalized after being attacked by a wild animal

By Solene V

– Posted Oct 25, 2022, 11:31 AM

Two students were startled by a wild animal as they returned to their vehicle. Hospitalized, a photo of their face riddled with bites was revealed.

It’s a shocking incident which is produced at United States on Saturday October 16th. Two American students, members of a wrestling team, were violently attacked by a grizzly, to the point of coming to blows to defend themselves. Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry have been surprised by the wild animal as they returned from a hunting trip in the state of Wyoming. They were about to return to their vehicle, but not everything went as planned. One of them a glimpse of bear tracks. It is when reporting them to his friend, that the grizzly popped up and tackled Brady Lowry to the ground. A scene worthy of an action movie… The principal concerned also told CNN: “He grabbed my left arm, shook me and broke my left arm.”

“I didn’t want to lose my friend”explained Kendell Cumings to the Desert News, seeing this scary scene. It is for this reason that he would have tried to attract, somehow, the attention of the wild animal. By shouting, by throwing objects. Even ending up jumping on him. He pursues : “I could have run and possibly lost a friend, or taken him away and saved him”. Successful distraction since the grizzly then turned to him. He then told CNN: “He attacked me, chewed me a little, then left. I started calling Brady to make sure he was okay. But he turned around, attacked me again, bit me and that’s when he hit me in the head and cheek. And he left”. UN traumatic incident which left some scars to the two young men.

More fear than harm after the attack of a wild animal

After wild animal attack, the two students were quickly taken care of. Brady Lowry also explained that he ran up the mountain to call for help. Farmers then came to help them before being taken to hospital. A photo showing the two young men in the hospital was revealed on Instagram and the consequences are final. Brady Lowry appears with one arm in a cast, while Kendell Cummings has arm and wrist bandages, as well as bites all over the face. Fortunately more fear than harm. Both students are doing well and this wild animal attack will not have had serious effects on their health.

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