Two seizures of animals made in Fosses-la-Ville: “the chain, very tight, entered the skin of the animal”

The associations Le Rêve d’Aby and Help Animals carried out, one after the other, two seizures of mistreated animals on June 13th.

The object of the first intervention concerned the care of a pony and seven dogs in distress. “The pony and the dogs seem to have been forgotten, stored on a field overgrown with weeds. Based on the observations made on the spot, everything leads to believe that the animals are abandoned by their owners and that they have not received care for a long time, “said the association Le Rêve d’Aby in a press release. . “The dogs have access to a dilapidated caravan and separate themselves from a field covered with droppings. They are parasitized and, for some, lose their coat. The Help Animals team managed to recover the seven frightened dogs and bring them to safety at the Anderlecht shelter. »

The pony was wandering on an old farm and had an old shed as its only shelter. “He tries to flee but only manages to take a few steps due to serious locomotion problems. His hooves are extremely long and do not allow him to walk properly. »

During the intervention, a second check was carried out among residents of the same street from whom disadvantaged animals had already been seized a few months earlier. “The inspection by the authorities proves to be life-saving for a dwarf goat: the animal lives chained to a tire and has serious injuries. He lives in a very small space, without freedom of movement and without the possibility of taking shelter. The animal does not have access to a grassy surface and is left alone 24 hours a day. Moreover, the goat seems to suffer by stimulating itself on three legs. The tip of the fourth leg is nothing more than a badly healed stump. The team quickly gets down to freeing the goat from its attachment and is finally horrified to discover that the chain, very tight, has entered the skin of the animal. »

Important veterinary care was given to the goat and the pony, which is now out of danger.

When the seizure decision was announced, the owners made an act of voluntary abandonment. A report for mistreatment was nevertheless drawn up by the police to meet them.

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