Two dogs recruited by a Var gendarmerie to appease children


Elodie Carpentier

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A Var gendarmerie has just welcomed two new recruits. They are Rémus and Everest, a Cavalier King Charles and a Labrador whose mission is to accompany and appease the children before being interviewed by the gendarmes.

The dog does not attend the hearing

The presence of the animals must allow the youngest to speak freely. Radio France Bleu specifies that the child will have to “accept or not the presence of a dog on his arrival at the premises of the MDF in La-Valette-Var” and that the dog does not attend the hearing.

“Depending on his response, we’ll go for little Remus or towering Everest. They belong to the gendarmes of the group. They are very calm and are used to children,” says Chief Warrant Officer Isabelle Cano, MPF commander, who was responsible for recruiting the animals.

“We take the time we need”

“Building trust happens here with caresses, gestures and little words” explains Isabelle Cano at the microphone of the radio. “We take the time we need. The dog then helps the child through the long and perhaps impressive hallway that leads to the audition room. The child can hold it, continue to caress it”.

The gendarmes were able to discover the talent of Everest who helped a young victim a few days ago: “Everest is very calm and a bond of trust was able to be established. She caressed him and a real dialogue was established between the two of them”.

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