two dogs in court, Russian soldiers and an endless queue.

Two dogs in court

Since Monday, September 19, a school car driver has been on trial in the Marseilles court. In 2017, his car hit a train. Six schoolchildren died and others were injured. At the request of the judges, Ouchi and Rancho, two dogs, participants in this difficult trial. Their job is comfort and encourage people to talk. For this, they should put their heads on the knees of those who cry, lie down at the feet of those who are afraid, look with their gentle eyes at those who are angry…

This is Ouchi, the golden retriever attending the trial.
He is 5 years old and his role is to accompany the victims.
(© Nicolas Tucat/AFP)
Meet Rancho, the black Labrador. He is 2 and a half years old and
accompanies the bus driver. (© Nicolas Tucat/AFP)

Russia lacks soldiers

For seven months, Russia has been at war with Ukraine, one of its neighboring countries. On Wednesday September 21, the Russian PresidentVladimir Putin, ordered 300,000 more men to join the army. These men are reservists, that is to say former soldiers who now have another job. Many have no desire to go to war. Some find ways to escape and even consider leaving their country.

(© Jacques Azam)

The endless queue

On Monday, September 19, thethe funeral of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, performed in the United Kingdom. For four days, his coffin was on display at the Palace of Westminster, London, in a room open day and night. 250,000 people wanted to see it. A huge queue has therefore formed across the English capital. It was more than ten kilometers. Even the famous English footballer, David Beckham, waited in line for thirteen hours! On this video, fortunately, the images have been accelerated!

Anne Bideault

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