Two dogs and two cats to adopt with the Eure SPA

Every week, discover four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family.

Panda, mouth of love

“Hello friends, let me introduce myself: Panda, 7 years old. Arriving at the shelter in 2020, I was found tied up in a forest. I am however a very sweet dog and of a rather calm nature, without any resentment towards the bipeds, which I love above all. I like to spend long periods of time cuddling and being petted.

I’m very walkable and I don’t pull on a leash at all. I have basic education and I understand what is expected of me. In the park, in freedom, I am playful and attentive, and I don’t try to run away. However, a good fence will be necessary in my future garden. I’m small, but I like to let off steam outside. Educational courses could also be useful, to get our life together off to a good start.

I went for adoption but came back after several months because having an animal is not free: you have to think about my croquettes all the same! Finally gone. You should also know that I don’t like my congeners at all, any more than cats. I can meet them on a walk but it stops there. So if you flash on my profile, come and transform your crush into mutual happiness. »

Ganesh, pasha of cats

“Ave, dear readers who love the animal cause! It’s me, the beautiful Ganesh, alias the King of the Évreux cattery. Born in 2017, I am a very confident cat who likes to be in the spotlight. With an unfailing curiosity, I’m never afraid to venture into unknown lands. Even canines don’t scare me: they’re my friends!

With all my panache, I know how to claim my due and all the caresses I think I deserve. I am a cat who needs to be the baby of the family, the pasha par excellence! So if you want to become gaga of my personality and have the King of cats at home, come quickly and open the doors of your kingdom to me. »

Odilia, the tenderness card

“Hello! This is Odilia, pretty kitten from 2021 with Olympian calm. The Zen attitude is my creed. I pray for a life filled with sweetness and wisdom, and the people around me feel it. The only source of activity in my daily life, it’s the eternal purr. I’m a ball of tenderness in constant search of caresses and hugs. I can’t get enough of them! And when they put me back in my box, I don’t don’t hesitate to scratch a few more minutes by gently gripping you with one of my paws. I admit, it cracks a lot of visitors…

I need a family that will know how to surround me with calm, appeasement, and who will share my taste for tenderness. You who like very soft caminos, I am made for you. »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a master versed in the Evreux Animal Protection Society. They can be adopted in return for a sum covering veterinary costs. Dog chipped, vaccinated and neutered: €190; chipped, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: €260; neutered, vaccinated and chipped cat: €110; sterilized, vaccinated and chipped cat: €160. Arrangements are possible in the event of the adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and recent proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, in Évreux. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.


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