Trial of the Millas drama: these dogs of justice responsible for mopping up emotions and distress

the opening in Marseille of the trial of Nadine Oliveira, the school bus driver implicated in the appalling collision of Millas, Outchi and Rancho are privileged witnesses of the tension of the debates. A 3-year-old beige Labrador, Outchi assists the young victims, mopping up their emotions and distress. His colleague Rancho, 2 and a half years old, with jet black hair, tries to free the defendant to speak. Both dogs were dressed for these valuable accompanying exercises.

In this three-week trial over which hangs painfully the death of six children as well as the indelible stigmata of their seventeen other seriously injured school friends, the two balls of fur play their role of comforter. The cuddly head resting on the knees of Alicia, Iness, Océane, Assia or all the other teenagers who survived the terrible accident, Outchi, her eyes shining with empathy, saw her first criminal trial. Raised and dressed by Handi’Chiens, the Labrador from France Victimes Nevers has been prepared to provide this invaluable support. “Outchi is present at the hearing to appease the victims. Since he instinctively senses their needs, he either lays his head on them or lies down at their feet.”, softens Aurore Borcereau, the director of the association. Convinced that her doggie is just as comforting “in mere proximity”.

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Constantly kept on a leash, the dog also accompanies the bruised young people who wish to take the stand, making the moving stories of their memories of disastrous memories less painful. Alicia thus wished his presence. Since their meeting on Monday, the young girl amputated with a leg and the animal never leaves each other. A tender complicity and unity will undoubtedly last until the end of these debates which oscillate between testimonies of dread and technical expertise.

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Rancho helps to free speech, he feels negative impressions

The shiny black hair, the benevolent gaze, Rancho, he is in charge of a completely different job. Sitting alongside Nadine Oliveira, the school bus driver, this more experienced Labrador, who is now on her third trial, with the difficult task of “release the defendant’s word”deciphers his master, the Gard civil security chief warrant officer, Jérôme Lapp.

Labrador from an American line, he says, the dog says “legal aid” was educated for “feel the negative impressions and manifest themselves to its beneficiary”. In this case, the driver of the car implicated. Rancho got to know her before the early hours of the trial. “They hit it off right away.”, welcomes Warrant Officer Johann Martin, partner of Jérome Lapp. Advocating the benefits of canine mediation, the two rescuers regret that the practice, of Canadian origin, is too little deployed in France which has less than a dozen doggies in function in the jurisdictions of Cahors, Nevers, Nîmes, Angers, Strasbourg and Lyons.

Or, facing the Marseilles court, does Rancho succeed in calming the defendant who continues to appear morally locked in a total denial of the fatal collision? On each side of the bar as in the audience, we ignore it. Apart from a rarely caressing hand for Rancho, Nadine Oliveira remains walled in an attitude of reply, a fist clenched on her mouth and the other on a crumpled paper handkerchief. Rancho, for the moment, does not change anything. Unlike Outchi, he quickly became the faithful friend of broken teenagers and their bereaved families.

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