TPMP: Bernard Montiel educates his fans about abandoned animals!

On his Instagram account, TPMP columnist Bernard Montiel wanted to launch an appeal about abandoned animals.

When summer comes, more and more animal abandonments are suppressed… Especially when some families parent on vacation and cannot take care of their dogs, cats, etc.. Faced with this wave of abandonment, certain personalities, such as Bernard Montiel of TPMP, wanted to speak.

Too close to the Macron clan?

When they are not talking about the Macron couple, Bernard Montiel calls for a reaction to the subject of animals. Because yes, if you did not know, the ex-host of Video Gag is close to the President of the Republic and his wife.

Moreover, he never hesitates to swing a few anecdotes about them. The columnist of TPMP obviously taking care not to reveal too much either. In order not to harm the Head of State. Proof of this is with his statement a few weeks ago.

There was a request from Madame Macron all the same, I can tell you it’s a little secret: she didn’t want the artists. There are a whole bunch of friends that she hangs out with a lot. She didn’t want us to invite them… for them”. He explained first.

Before adding:“Madame Macron, who is a very honest and brilliant woman. She said to me: ‘But Bernard, I’m not going to invite anyone. I do not want. Those who want to come will come. But I don’t invite anyone. So they weren’t invited..

However, having so much information about the Macron clan sometimes prejudices Bernard Montiel. Indeed, interviewed by Sud Radio, the TPMP columnist recently knew that he was not always taken seriously in daily life.

“What I don’t like is when he tells me that I am the spokesperson for the government. Because all of a sudden it discredits what I’m saying… it doesn’t matter, but I’ll say it again. It discredits what I say behind “. He confessed about the reactions of Cyril Hanouna.

Bernard Montiel of TPMP asks for help for the animals

But the ex-host of Video Gag did not stop there and continued:“Yet sometimes I said that I disagreed with the government. You know, you can have friends… And not always agree with them. Often, I said that I didn’t really agree with this or that thing. I’ve done it often”.

It remains to be seen whether in the next season of TPMP, the columnist will have to face the same concerns. In the meantime, he enjoys his vacation peacefully and does not hesitate to share them with his fans. Besides, he happened at a funny game.

Namely, cultivate his fans according to the places in which he is. For example, he recently did this while being in Saint Tropez. And no doubt that he was going to this destination with his animals. Because what makes Bernard Montiel mad with rage remains the abandonment.

He proved it a few hours ago by sharing a post on Instagram which says a lot about his state of mind. And especially on what he thinks of people who abandon their animals. Indeed, the TPMP columnist wrote:

We should put these signs on the roads. We the #ChampionsduMonde of animal abandonment!!! @la_spa saturated, @fondationbrigittebardot. But also @animalstv @mediawan.officiel @30millionsdamis”. He wrote about road signs that asked not to abandon dogs, cats, and others.

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