Towards an increase in the price of food for dogs and cats? La Facco warns of the increase in production costs

Towards higher food prices for dogs and cats

Geopolitical instability has caused the price of meat and cereals used by Petfood producers to rise.

Fuel is not the only source to experience rising costs linked to geopolitical instability. The Facco (Federation of Prepared Food Manufacturers for dogs, cats, birds and other pets) warns of the unprecedented increase in production costs suffered by pet food manufacturers.

Constant increase in raw materials

In May 2022 alone, the prices of poultry (+7.3% compared to April 2022), duck (+11.9%), pork (+9.7 compared to June 2021), beef (+49% compared to 2021) jumped.

It is the same for the course of cereals which have exploded since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. In mid-February the price of wheat was at €265/t to reach nearly €440/t in mid-May, an increase of 66%.

Even if petfood manufacturers use co-products for animals that have no official price, the increases observed are dizzying. La Facco evokes a 50% increase in costs.

For the uninitiated, these growing increases could eventually trickle down to owners via increased pet food.

Implementation of the charter of commitments

To absorb the additional costsFacco calls for the application of the charter of commitments concluded between suppliers and distributors.

The members of this document undertake in particular to communicate in complete transparency on their production costs to justify the reopening of trade negotiations.

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