Toulouse: Zak, the Husky dog, lost since May was found in Narbonne in Aude

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Johan, a 32-year-old Toulouse man who had lost his dog since last May, found his animal in Narbonne in Aude after months of research.

While nearly 20,000 people gave their support to the request filed online on Monday on the site, the author of this call for help announced that the Husky dog ​​by the name of Zak has been found. The animal lost since May by its owner Johan, a 32-year-old Toulousain, was reported in Narbonne. The police tracked down the dog.

Margot, a friend of the owner announced, this Tuesday, at the end of the day, that Zak was in good hands. “He is at the shelter receiving first aid. We are awaiting information from the Narbonne gendarmerie and we will pick up the dog tonight or tomorrow,” she said.

She would also like to thank all those who participated directly or indirectly in the return of this dog to Johan and his son. The father of the family is currently on the way to recover his four-legged animal.

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