Toulouse: more than 10,000 signatures in a few hours to find a young Husky dog

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Every minute, new signatories are added to the application submitted on the platform to find Zak, a Husky dog.

“I am making this petition today in the hope of finding Zak a young husky dog ​​under 1 year old who was kidnapped in May 2022 from his home”. This is how to start the petition posted this Monday, August 1 on the site. And within hours, the number of signatories went from a few hundred to thousands. As of this writing, 12,610 people have lent their support.

According to the author, the dog was stolen and is currently in the streets of Toulouse. “Zak is chipped, he was last seen near the Jeanne d’Arc metro in Toulouse next to a small casino”, further specifies the depositary of this online petition. He also assures that his son “cries every night” for the absence of his dog.

In a video, a young girl who knows the owner of the dog calls for help and asks to share this message as much as possible. According to her, the dog would be very thin and would have damaged paws.

In his text, the author assures that a complaint has been filed with the gendarmerie. He also asks to contact him in case of information held about his animal. The Husky breed dog has odd eyes, one eye blue and the other brown.

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