Toulouse: controversy surrounding the open-air cinema in the Reynerie district

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The Audio and Visual Association, which has been organizing open-air cinema every summer for 21 years in Reynerie, complains that it has not been able to benefit from the usual technical assistance from the town hall. She continues the projections with the means at hand. The town hall invokes the presence of another event in the district.

Has the mayor of the Mirail district, Gaëtan Cognard, managed to screen the open-air cinema screenings organized every summer at the Reynerie for 21 years? Rachid Lahlah, head of the Audio et Visuel association, organizer of this cultural activity, is not far from thinking so. The association was created 22 years ago “at the foot of HLM, with the aim of trying to bring the neighborhood to life through art”, specifies its founder.

The association manager adds: “My three emails to ask to be received by the elected official (who is also a delegate for city policy, editor’s note) have remained unanswered. Orally, twice, he was content to answer me: “Inch Allah”, assures Rachid Lahlah, who is surprised by this rather stigmatizing casualness.

“We had to cancel actions in the open air, for lack of having had the installation of an electrical box and safety barriers, while the safety notice had been validated by the municipality”, explains the association manager, “for the following actions, which were able to take place on July 15 and 29 in the evening, we had to ask a merchant to provide us with electricity to carry out our peaceful and open to all actions, and the cultural action went well while watching Alad’2 and the cartoon Calamity, on a giant screen ten meters wide”.
In a letter dated April 1, 2022 translated to Rachid Lahlah, Gaëtan Cognard, while proposing “the interest of the action you are taking”, highlighted “the reduction in state grants specified to communities” and “the consequences of the crisis linked to Covid 19” to remove the subsidy from which the association had benefited until then under city policy. The town hall of Toulouse specifies: “A subsidy for the year 2022 has been granted under the cultural policy to organize 9 outdoor screenings” and invokes “a rich cultural program with “A summer by the lake”” for “ identifying other locations likely to host the remaining screenings”.

The screening of “Around the World in 80 Days” (cartoon, 2021) will take place this Friday on rue de l’Université at 9:45 p.m.

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