To save heating, a mayor prohibits the ventilation of classrooms: “an aberration”

Between controlling the energy bill and the health protocol against Covid-19 at school, the mayor of Laigneville (Oise) had to choose. His decision could be summed up in one sentence: no more throwing heating money out of school windows.

Monday October 24, 2022, Christophe Dietrich took a stop to pay prohibit ventilation during the day of classroom of his municipality. No more “protocol openings” of doors and windows during the day.

The decision is heavy with meaning and does not fail to make people talk. The mayor expected it, which is why he took the precaution of explaining his choice in a video posted on social media.

Electricity bill tripled by the end of 2022

“We are living through an unprecedented energy crisis” introduces the chosen one who continues: “The bill (electricity of the municipality, editor’s note) will be multiplied by three at the end of the year”.

According to Christophe Dietrich, galloping inflation rates of electricity and some gas endangers the finances of his municipality. As a result, services provided to the population such as the canteen, extracurricular reception or leisure centers could be called into question. “We will no longer be able to insure them”warns the mayor.

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“It’s a total aberration!”

The time is therefore savings in Laigneville and, with the approach of winter, the note of heater of the worried community.

The main measure recommended by the mayor to avoid overheating the bill goes against the measures recommended to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. While the ventilation of classrooms continues to be encouraged by the health authorities, the mayor of Laigneville has decided to impose doors and Windows closes.

The one who is preparing to restart the heating in the schools of his municipality, has just banned large openings which have the advantage of renewed the air ambient and the inconvenience of bringing in cold.

“It’s a total aberration!”, slice Christophe Dietrich. “If we open the windows every hour in the schools, we will never have 19°C in the classrooms (…) And it is out of the question – given the expected price of gas – that I put the boilers on 25°C. It’s not possible.”

A decree to move the lines

“The goal is not to annoy teachers who do what they can but to empower administrations so that they finally make coherent decisions”continues the aedile.

His decision lends the flank to polemic and critics, but the mayor assumes: “I took this decree so that the National Education react (…) I hope that it will move the lines”.

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Ventilation of classrooms: what does the protocol in place at National Education say?

Since the start of the new school year in September, the regular ventilation of the classrooms during the day is recommendedbut she is not not imposed.

The health protocol in place in schools is currently at “plinth level” – the weakest – which does not impose any particular constraint or restriction.

(Source: Ministry of National Education)

In this configuration, the recommendations of the National Education are modeled on those of the Ministry of Health which indicate that “in contact with others, it is strongly recommended to air the room regularly (10 minutes every hour if possible)”.

This is why teachers are “strongly” encouraged to ventilate their classroom several times a day.

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