To be able to adopt a pet, it is now mandatory to have a certificate of commitment and knowledge

To avoid adoptions and compulsive purchases of pets and to fight against the constantly increasing abandonment, it is now mandatory to have a certificate of commitment before adopting.

The French love pets, with around 9 million dogs and 15 million cats.

But there are also many animal abandonments each year, as well as many cases of animal abuse. On November 30, 2021, France enacted a law aimed at improving animal welfare and strengthening the bond between animals and humans.

Among the measures that have been announced, we find the implementation of a “certificate of commitment and knowledge” to fight against animal abuse and reduce the number of abandonments.

Thus, since July 19, 2022, this document has become mandatory for anyone wishing to adopt or buy a pet as well as for owners of horses, donkeys and other equines.

But then, what are now the conditions for being able to adopt an animal?


From now on, people who want to adopt or buy a pet for the first time will have to commit to respecting all the needs of their animals.

The creation of this certificate of commitment and knowledge aims to raise awareness and empower these people, to fight against cruelty to animals and abandonment which are more and more numerous.

As a reminder, France is the European champion in animal abandonment, with more than 100,000 animals abandoned each year, including 60,000 during the summer period alone.

To obtain this certificate, you must contact a person holding the ACACED (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species) or one of its equivalences.

The owner is then given his certificate, at least 7 days before adopting the animal.

Illustration photos: Pixabay

To be validated, the document must be signed, on paper or dematerialized medium, by the person who acquires or adopts for the first time a pet, or an equine.

Other decrees provided for the establishment of an internship for future owners, or the obtaining of a license to keep an animal, as in certain countries.

But these two measures were rejected by the Assembly, which believes that the certificate of commitment and knowledge is enough to improve animal welfare.

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