Tigger, Tao, Tokyo, Tina… Discover the most popular cat and dog names in 2022

What are the most popular first names given to cats and dogs in 2022? (© Ivan/Adobe Stock)

Since 1926, owners of cats and dogs have been able to baptize their pets according to a letter of reference, established by the Livre des Origins Français (LOF). In 2022, first names in T are in the spotlight.

But what were the names most given to your furry companions this year? Discover the ranking, established by the comparator insurance animals-relax.com.

To establish this list, the names of 7,701 dogs and 1,760 cats born from January 1, 2022 were collected.

Tigger, Tao, Thor, Tina… In the top 10 of the most given names, many are references to fictional characters and the first names of singers. Names even come up in males and females, as well as in dogs and cats alike.

What are the most popular dog names?

At the the first place on the podium for males goes to the first name taoclosely followed by Thor and Taiko. In the rest of the classification, classic names but also very original.

  1. tao : it’s a name that evokes both China, references to Taoism… and the companion of Esteban and Zia in the famous cartoon The cities of gold. A short two-syllable name with a vowel at the end is a very good name for a dog.
  2. Thor : in Norse mythology, he is the god of Thunder. He is also a famous superhero in the Marvel galaxy whose film Thor: Love and Thunder came out this year.
  3. Taiko : perhaps the most surprising name for 2022, notes Animaux-relax.com. Taiko is an art of drumming in Japan. It is at the same time music, a martial art by its gestures and a meditation.
  4. Tango : a first name given by Argentinian dance lovers, perhaps? Or, by supporters of Stade Lavallois, who knows?
  5. Tokyo : owners of dogs fans of Japan have surely wanted to baptize their animal according to the Japanese capital.
  6. tommy : a classic first name that comes up regularly
  7. Toby : of Greek origin, this name means “God is good”.
  8. Tyson : maybe a tribute to Mike Tyson for boxing lovers
  9. Twix : a first name given by the most greedy, which refers to the famous chocolate bar manufactured by Mars.
  10. Thanos : the character of the Marvel films, considered the supervillain, has a name that comes from the Greek “Athanasios”, which means “immortal”.

At the femaleswe find Tina at the top of the ranking, followed by Tia and Talya.

  1. Tina : this first name was worn by famous singers like Tina Turner or Tina Arena. It is also an Anglo-Saxon diminutive for the first names Christina, Augustina and Sistina
  2. Tia : more surprisingly, this name does not refer to a recent celebrity. Of Slavic origin, it means “fairy” or “princess” in Egyptian.
  3. Talya : a first name of Hebrew origin also given to little girls, and which means “dew of God”.
  4. Tess : a first name that comes from the Greek “thaïs” meaning “headband”
  5. Taya : a name of Japanese origin, derived from “tatius”, which means “fairy”.
  6. Taiga : another first name of Japanese origin
  7. Tara : Of Celtic origin, the first name Tara comes from the Gaelic term “teamhair” which means “hill”. It is also the name of a fictional heroine, the main character of the fantasy novel series Tara Duncan.
  8. Tosca : this name is of Arabic and Latin origin. It means “Etruscan”.
  9. Tessy : a first name derived from the name Tess, which also means “who harvests”.
  10. Tokyo : the name of the Japanese capital also comes up in females.

What are the most popular cat names?

What about cats ? In felines, we also find Thor, Tao, Twix, Tokyo or even Tina in females.

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Here are the top 10 for cats:

  1. Tiger : at the top of this ranking, we find the famous cheerful and dynamic tiger, friend of Winnie the Pooh in Walt Disney cartoons. It was created in 1928 by Alexander Milne in the 1928 book The House at Pooh Corner.
  2. Tao: also given for dogs, the name Tao evokes China as we explain above.
  3. Thor: once again, the Nordic first name is also given for tomcats.
  4. Twix: the famous Mars chocolate bar is also a cat’s name!
  5. Thanos: the Marvel super-villain has (also) given his name to felines.
  6. Tokyo: the Japanese capital is successful, its name is given in cats, dogs, male and female
  7. Topaz : topaz is a precious stone, considered the crystal of love and luck.
  8. Tweety : a first name often given to pets, which also refers to Sylvester’s famous yellow canary companion in the cartoon.
  9. Ty: this first name of Slavic origin means “fairy” or “princess” in Egyptian. It is also given to female dogs with an i.
  10. Tsuki: another first name of Japanese origin, which means Moon.

And in cats? We give you the top 10, with many names already seen above.

  1. Tina: once again, the first name of the famous singer Tina Turner or Tina Arena is acclaimed.
  2. Tia: more surprisingly, this name does not refer to a recent celebrity. Of Slavic origin, it means “fairy” or “princess” in Egyptian.
  3. Tokyo: always a full box for the Japanese capital.
  4. Tagada : a gourmet name for lovers of the Tagada strawberry, the famous pink candy from the Haribo brand!
  5. Tien: it’s the first name of the Disney heroine in the film ” the princess and the Frog“.
  6. Tara : same thing as for female dogs, this first name of Celtic origin comes from the Gaelic term “teamhair” which means “hill”.
  7. Twix: definitely, the Mars candy bar is a hit with animals.
  8. Tsuki: another first name of Japanese origin, which means Moon.
  9. Topaz: the name of this precious stone also appears in this classification.
  10. Tiger : the famous cheerful and dynamic tiger, friend of Winnie the Pooh in the Walt Disney cartoons, also gave his name to the cats.

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