Thrown? Beaten to death? Hit by a car? A dead dog causes terror at Mont Boron in Nice

They didn’t sleep for several nights. The discovery of a dead dog, thrown on a path of Mont Boron, bloodied head, body covered with a garbage bag, a moved two hikers from Nice, Patricia and Ella.

October 18. The two friends enjoy the joys of a morning hike.

Suddenly, arriving at the end of the Chemin des Fauvettes, not far from the main roads, the sportswomen saw the body of a large dog, light brown in color, lying on its left side. The two friends approach, believing it to be an injured animal and hoping to be able to help it.

Very quickly, they understand that the beast is dead. The head, in blood, and the upper body are vaguely concealed in a large garbage bag. What happened ? Was the dog beaten to death and left there, near a clump of trees? Did he die elsewhere and was he taken to this remote corner of Mont Boron to avoid having to deal with the funeral formalities? Was he run over by a vehicle? The mystery remains.

Just a red collar

Despite the horror, Patricia manages to remove the red collar that the dog wears around his neck: “I was looking for a name, a phone number. Nothing…”. Other people pass, stop, separate the dread and the sadness of the walkers looking everywhere for a potential master. They even ring the bell at the forester’s house, but no one answers. Time passes.

Using their cell phones, the two friends call the SPA: “She replied that there was nothing to do and that I should contact the police”, says a little annoyed Patricia. Same attempt with the firefighters, same response: “Call the police.” What Patricia does: “At the end of the line, I was told that the service had already been contacted.

An ongoing investigation

After a good hour of fruitless, powerless investigations, the hikers leave the place, always with the same questions revolving in their minds: what happened to this unfortunate beast? Is anyone looking?

Questioned by us, the Animal service in the city dependent on the City of Nice and in particular the municipal councilor Henry-Jean Servat (delegate for Animal Protection), provides an embryonic response: “Indeed, the pound was alerted by the municipal police, itself warned by a resident. The dog’s body was taken care of. An identification, in particular thanks to a chip reader, is in progress, in order to go back to the owner of the animal and to better understand the circumstances of his death.


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