three things to do for an animal in a car

Leaving an animal locked in your car in direct sunlight is prohibited and dangerous. Learn three things to do if you witness this practice.

We can never repeat it enough, you should never leave your dog or cat locked in your car, especially when it is parked in direct sunlight. And even if you have a quick race to do of a few seconds, and you will be back quickly. Indeed, the cabin temperature can exceed 50° in a few minutes, often causing the death of the animal. We understand better why this practice is prohibited and sanctioned. But then, what if you see a dog or cat locked in a car? Find out how to act quickly and well.

Call the police

Before throwing yourself on the window to break it, always think of to call the police, who could open the vehicle legally. Because if you act alone and without a witness, you risk being prosecuted for damage to the property of others, as stipulated in article 322-1 of the Penal Code. It is therefore better to avoid taking unnecessary risks, but it is however necessary to act quickly.

Take witnesses

Sometimes, the police may not arrive quickly enough, and the animal’s condition may deteriorate. In this case, you will have to break the window. But before that, remember to take two witnesses, whom you do not know, who could help you if the owner of the vehicle and the animal files a complaint. Know that you are protected by article 122-7 of the Penal Code, which specifies that ” is not criminally liable for a person who, faced with a present or imminent danger which threatens himself, others or property, performs an act necessary to safeguard the person or property “.

Take charge of the animal

Do not leave immediately after rescuing the animal. First, check that he is fine, then wrap him in a damp towel if you have one. Of course, think about give him a drink and put it in the shade. If you can, take him quickly to the veterinarian, or entrust him to a witness who can help you. You can also contact an animal protection association if you wish to file a complaint.

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