three people killed in protests over Mahsa Amini’s death, authorities say

The death of the young woman, who had been arrested for “wearing inappropriate clothes” by the morality police, caused a wave of anger in Iran, where demonstrations broke out on Saturday in Kurdistan, then in Tehran and other regions of Iran.

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The climate is tense in Iran. Three people were killed during demonstrations in Iranian Kurdistan, the governor of the province announced on Tuesday September 20, Ismail Zarei Koosha, quoted by the Fars agency. They were protesting against the death of a young woman after her arrest by the vice squad.

At a press conference, Ismail Zarei Koosha spoke of three deaths “suspects” in different localities of the province and “conspiracy fomented by the enemy”claiming that one of the victims was killed by a type of weapon not used by Iranian security forces, according to Fars.

Demonstrations erupted Sunday in Tehran and Iraqi Kurdistan after the announcement of the death on Friday of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old Iranian had fallen into a coma after being arrested by the police unit responsible for enforcing the Islamic Republic’s dress code for women, including the wearing of headscarves in public.

Activists claim she suffered a head injury while in custody. Iranian police have dismissed the charges and an investigation has been opened.

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