three people attacked by an out of control pit bull during a festival

The city of Melun (Seine-et-Marne) hosted the fifth edition of the Les Affolantes festival this weekend. But on Friday evening, a serious incident occurred. Pit bull attacked three people, report The Parisian.

The dog had no leash or muzzle, contrary to the regulations. The first victim is a young man, bitten in the leg. A municipal policeman, who witnessed the scene, intervened and was also bitten in the calf. Uncontrollable, the pit bull also attacked his 25-year-old mistress.

Interned in a psychiatric hospital

Seriously injured, the policeman was taken to hospital. More lightly affected, the owner of the dog, already known to the police, was also hospitalized. When she left the hospital during the night, she was taken into custody. However, her condition not being compatible with the latter, she was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

The mistress should have had an authorization to own this first category dog. The animal was placed in the pound. He will hold the time that the parquet floor of the court of Melun or the mayor of the city will take a decision on his fate.

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