Three large dogs seriously attacked a puppy and its owner in Santiago de Surco

Last Saturday, in the Maria Alvarado de Bellido park located in the Santiago de Surco district, three large breed dogs attacked a puppy named Luna and her owner. The owner claims that these dogs were off leash and muzzle and went straight to bite his little pet.

He also said that the owner of the three dogs did nothing to stop the attack. Luna’s mother, so to prevent his pet from being killed, trying to wear it. However, this also resulted the dogs to turn to her.

After successfully escaping, the owner went to the nearest veterinarian in order to help Luna, who had several bites and could not walk. Later he translated himself to the police station to file a complaint and demands that the law requiring animals to wear a leash be respected and that animals that tend to be aggressive also wear a muzzle.

Luna’s case is one of thousands occurring to date. There are extremely irresponsible owners who walk their animals without leash or muzzle. It is time to bring about change and to demand civic tranquility for all.

In addition, it is requested to increase the fine from 4,400 soles to 10,000 soles per dog that does not use a leash or muzzle. In addition to covering all expenses in case the animal attacks another person or animal. This aims to reduce cases of aggression and also to punish the owners.

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