This structure really democratizes canine education in Fréjus

“I understood my dog ​​thanks to the monitors”

Gabrièle comes from Fayence to take advantage of the quality of the sessions and the friendly atmosphere of the Estérel canine education club. She has taken training to become a volunteer at the puppy school and has just taken part in agility competitions with Jedaï.

“It’s fun and sporty. There’s no money involved, so no rivalry. When I adopted Jedaï, I was afraid of missing something, doing something I shouldn’t have no no. And I was embarrassed to go to work all day, I was afraid that he would feel too lonely, she confides. Coming to the club, I learned a lot of things that I never even imagined. The monitors provided us with understanding our dog. As long as you do lots of activities with your dog at certain times, he can stay home alone waiting for us, no problem.

“A dog can sleep 18 hours. When we go to work, he will sleep all day and if we give him a nice walk and activities when we get home, he sleeps afterwards, adds Gabrièle. And then, the concept of the club has me more. You meet people who share the same passion. Jedaï made friends and me too. With the monitors full of kindness and pedagogy, I discovered that a dog needs rules, simple but strict because he does not understand the nuances. If we prefer that he does not go up on the sofa, we must forbid him, not once yes and once no. If the sofa is forbidden, it will never go up. You have to be clear with your dog. You have to learn the right way to keep on a leash, to play, calm, your language with other dogs. A dog must be educated and even if he is no longer a baby.

“The dog reads our smells and he knows”

“He reads us, he reads our smells, sent if we are sick, anxious or excited. He understands when we get up in the morning if we go to work or if it’s a day off. As he spends his time observing us, he captures the slightest microsigns of the face, of the attitude. He analyzes everything that can be useful to him. But a dog can’t extrapolate, so he can’t do an express stupidity. Reward good behavior and ignore bad ones, but don’t yell, it’s useless. All this, I would not have known if I had not come to the club. There is so much to learn about your dog that I highly recommend coming to the club. We exchange and it reassures us, it teaches us to feel guilty. And our companion obeys us, which is very pleasant when we meet someone and we are told: your dog is very well behaved, very sociable. He learned to adapt to living in a human life”.
Gabrièle has adopted another abandoned dog, Yoko, with whom she does utilitarian rescue: “She is very good with her nose”.


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