This Staffordshire Bull Terrier asks for petting from passers-by every day (video)

Dogs of this breed often suffer from a bad reputation, and yet they have as much love to give as any other pooch. Tubs, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives in Australia, is the perfect example.

Tubs is nice, and she would like a little cuddle. » : here is what you will be able to read if you pass in front of the house of a dog who lives in VillevilleFr Australiareport it daily paws.

The daily habits of this Staffordshire Bull Terrier are so touching that they are waiting for thousands of users of ICT Tac. Whether Tubs the blue staff nearly a million followers on his page, it’s not for nothing!

A dog with irresistible charm

Indeed, every day, the female waits for local residents to pass on the sidewalk in front of her house, and stands against the small gate to ask them for caresses. And with a look like his, it’s hard to resist him!

You only have to see her tail wag in all directions to imagine the immense joy she feels. Likewise, it is easy to guess his disappointment when certain passers-by do not take the time to stop and give him their attention…

Generally, bathtubs is still well spoiled by its neighbors. And the panel that his mistress has decided to install in their yard has certainly convinced the most recalcitrant of them!


Little Miss Tubs waving to the neighbours, still so many videos to show since the sign was put outside???????? #fyp #love #staffordshirebullterrier #feel good

♬ Turn the page – Finally sleep

Many Internet users are ” jealous from locals, as can be read among the comments. ” If I lived near you, I would come and hug her every day. asked another user.

A ritual full of love and tenderness which, it seems, is only in its infancy.

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