This old lady knitted over 500 handmade blankets for shelter dogs

The work of cynophile (person who likes dogs) is one of the most rewarding in the world, and they do their best to bring love and care to these animals in need.

One woman with a big heart, however, stood out among the dog worshipers. This is Maisie Green, 89, who has knitted more than 500 blankets to keep shelter dogs warm.

Maisie, an 89-year-old grandmother who loves to knit, happily made some 500 super soft blankets for all the dogs waiting for homes at Dogs Trust Basildon.

“Knitting and dogs are two of my biggest passions, so I combined them”Maisie explains.

Ms. Green has apparently been doing this good deed for three years. In addition to blankets and coats, she brings over a dozen handmade products for the dogs each time she comes.

Judging by the pictures, these adorable furballs seem to be enjoying it.

“But we regularly donate knitted items, and we appreciate it generously. As the cold winter months set in, I know our dogs love using them and love feeling warm! », a dog trainer told us.

Over 16,000 stray dogs are waiting for homes in the UK and Ireland alone. Even Maisie’s small contribution is a big help and a noble gesture, bringing some warmth to these animals in need.

Thanks to her for her big heart.

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