This (luxury) dog house costs more than an apartment!

Do you want only the best for your dog? We have the niche for you. Be careful, there will not be for everyone.

Some humans are willing to do anything crazy for their pets. And it takes a bit of madness to offer your dog this luxury kennel sold for the price of an apartment in a big city.

Yes, you read that right. This niche costs as much as a Parisian studio.

A niche at 150,000 dollars

Called Inudono, this luxury kennel offers your pooch a calm and spacious environment. As explained on the brand’s website, it is based on very specific architectural principles in order to offer the perfect space for your dog: “Traditional Japanese shrines and temples are composed of graceful curved roofs, intricate braids and of featured sculptures possible by the advanced techniques of shrine carpenters, condensing the traditional beauty of Japanese architecture. The Inudono project is all about using this beautiful architectural style to create the highest quality niche anyone has ever seen. ยป

A very ambitious project that should make people happy. But beware, this luxury niche will only be offered in a very limited edition because the making of this niche takes around a year. Those responsible will have to register for a draw between August 17 and 31 and 5 lucky winners will be able to obtain their slot.

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