This dog can’t stand still when he watches “Lady and the Tramp” (video)

In a TikTok video that quickly went viral, we discover the overexcited attitude of a dog in the face of her favorite animated film: Lady and the Tramp.

Phoebe the Golden Retriever likes to watch television, but what she likes most to see there is ” The Lady and the Tramp », Reports Newsweek. The great classic disney from 1955 exerts a real fascination on this dog, who can no longer contain her excitement as soon as the first sequences of the film appear on the screen.

Illustration of the article: This dog does not sit still when he looks
its.meagan.elizabeth / TikTok

A video posted by ICT Tac by its owner, who posts on the social network under the username “ this.meagan.elizabeth “, shows the condemned animal explode his joy in front of the adventures of Lady, Hobo and the whole gang of canines.

A publication that totals more than 2.5 million views and has caused many comments from Internet users affected by the adorable de Phoebe.

In the video in question, we see the Golden Retriever excited as soon as she hears the first notes of the animated film’s credits. Her favorite stage-wearing hedgehog soft toy in her mouth, she then sits down facing the TV to watch her favorites attentively.


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? Watch the Birdie/Visitors – From “Lady and the Tramp”/Score – Oliver Wallace

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Warm welcome for Lady, a little less for Tramp

She seems to particularly appreciate the one at the beginning of the film where Lady the female Cocker Spaniel, who was still only a small puppy at the time, was taken out of her gift box by Sweetheart. And the latter takes her in her arms, Phoebe run his little dance of joy “.

The dog then growls when she sees Hobo. However, indicate the text accompanying the video, Phoebe I love.

According to its owner, the Golden Retriever gives the score of 8 out of 10 to ” The Lady and the Tramp “. Phoebeshe deserves a 10 out of 10 for the joy and good humor she brings to her family.

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