This document is now essential for adopting a pet!

People have been fighting for animal rights for years now. And even if already, they had many victories the fight will end only when the animal violence will end, or never. But the government has put in a new law all the same to try to protect a little more pets who are adopted. We’ll explaine everything here.

A current law

It is since November 30 of the year that a law was imposed to be able to adopt a pet, it is necessary a new paper. In fact, it is a certificate of knowledge. The purpose of this is to make future animal owners responsible. It is therefore from October of this year that this certificate will be necessary. And this for each adoption of animals as reported by the site 30 Millions d’amis. This law has for but empower, but especially from lower dropout rates of our four-legged friends.

This certificate necessary to adopt includes handwritten notes. Among them is the “handwritten note by which the new purchaser expressly undertakes to meet the animal’s needs”. But it will also become clear”physiological, behavioral and medical needs”. There will also be a hosting contract that will be required. The goal is to raise awareness once again and to inform future owners about the necessary accommodation as well as foodthe weaningthem medical care, identification of everything else. Which is already a big step forward for pets.

To adopt is to choose a life

In fact, very often it is possible to adopt easily. Against money, you can go home with an animal. But unfortunately, people are often unaware of what an animal requires. Whether in terms of physical or mental occupation, time, money or even affection. Not everyone understands that dogs are like humans. They have each their own personality which makes them all very different from each other. Thus cases of people wanting to adopt a certain breed, because they saw that a dog of a friend of this breed was calm. But when they adopted a dog of the same breed, the character changed completely.

This is a sufficient excuse for many people to abandon their dog. During the holiday period in particular, the dropout rate explodes. We can therefore find many commercials for say stop giving up. But unfortunately this is not yet enough to make them stop completely. Although unscrupulous, having abandoned a dog does not prevent adopting others. Indeed, some love puppies, but dogs. This is why many dogs are abandoned after their first year of life, when they are less “cute”. Another plague for our four-legged friends are the fashions.

Indeed, adopting becomes a way to stay trendy. But if some owners are indeed crazy about their dogs to the point of dressing them up or accessorizing them with a collar or coat to match their outfit. Those at least in care consumption. While many others have adopted a dog for show it in public, but don’t deal with it in private.

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