They kidnap a kitten from a shelter, but are spotted by CCTV cameras

These 2 women thought that their gesture would go unnoticed, and yet, they would quickly be caught by the safety devices of the refuge. Having fled with a kitten, the kidnappers would have to backtrack…

The incident took place on June 20, at a shelter in the state of Tennesseeauxiliary United Statesreported FOX 13 Memphis.

2 women gave themselves up to a shelter, and decided to kidnap a young 2-month-old tabby kitten who turned up there. By placing it in their purse, they then fled in their vehicle, and thought that no one had realized what they were doing.

Caught in the bag…

What they did not know was that the CCTV cameras had intercepted their malicious gesture, and that the members of the shelter did not intend to stop there.

They reported the incident to the Memphis Animal Servicewho launched a search notice in partnership with the city police.

Posted on Facebook, this one says that the kidnappers stole a kitten whose market value was estimated at more than 300 euros. An ultimatum has been issued: if the feline is returned before 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 23, all charges against them will be dropped.

The tabby kitten was finally returned to the shelter before the imposed limit. We do not know if this gesture was possible thanks to a testimony, or if it was the kidnappers who went to the refuge on their own.

In any case, the young tabby was able to find the refuge where he will then be adopted in the rules, like all his congeners.

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