these tips that you must pass on

For starters, according to SPA advice, never leave a toddler alone with an animal. Next, keep in mind that it is difficult for a child to identify potentially dangerous situations when interacting with his little protege.

Simple rules to learn

For a serene and successful cohabitation, teach him first of all never to disturb an animal when he sleeps or eats. If he seems aggressive or scared, your child should leave him alone.

It should also be explained to him that an animal can be very lively in response to some of our gestures. He must therefore avoid surprising him, running, shouting or getting angry at him.

He must also be aware that certain parasitic, sudden or painful gestures (fingers in the mouth, pulling the tail, the hairs or the ears, etc.) can push the animal to bite or scratch and that they are therefore to be avoided!

The main thing is to make your child understand that an animal is a living and sentient being, unlike a stuffed animal. Even excessive cuddling could produce discomfort. Your child will therefore have to accept that, just like us, animals need tranquility. Patience, gentleness and understanding will be the key to creating a beautiful bond.

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