These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Coocky, Nala, Tabatha, Duchess and six kittens

Nala, 4 years old

Last name : Nala
Gender : Women
Age : 4 years
Race : German Shorthaired Pointer Crossbreed
Temper : Full of energy, she has not really received an education. She is sociable and knows children. Her hunting instinct is very present, so you have to avoid having her meet cats, birds and other “games”.
Ideal home: An active family, attention and a cozy warm basket for a lifetime, that’s what makes her happy.

Tabatha, 5 months

Last name : tabatha
Gender : Women
Age : about 5 months
Journey : Found in a garden, she is nevertheless endowed with great sociability and is very cuddly.
Temper : She is looking for her family who will give her all the attention and affection she asks for

six kittens

Last name : Puce, Choupette and Cacahuète (females), Polochon, Berlioz and Palmito (male)
Temper :
All sociable, cuddly and each with their own little character.
Ideal home: They are in foster care so you have to make an appointment with the chosen one of your heart

Duchess, 5 years old

Last name : Duchess
Gender : Women
Age : 5 years
Journey : His master died and the association that came to get the cats (there were a lot of them) forgot him with his kittens. Fortunately a nice gentleman noticed it and took her to the Nargis refuge with her babies.
Temper : Duchess is the mother of the kittens. She is clean, cuddly and the wisdom of a 5 year old cat
Ideal home: She has finished her maternal labor and is now looking for a sweet home for her.

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Useful information

It should be remembered that each shelter has adoption conditions. They can be viewed on their websites (links below).

Nargis Shelter

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
RMontabon exit, 45210 Nargis

Such. : 02 38 95 88 48
Mobile: 06 49 45 99 22
Email: [email protected]



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