“these are the last of the 100 canids discovered at the scene”

It has been almost 2 years since the animal protection association animal rescue corps (ARS) mentioned a signal about countless dogs left to their own fate in one area.

The owner raised canines, but when he died, no one had taken over and the poor animals had since been left to their own devices.

Little by little, various organizations have mobilized to rescue doggies in need.

Fortunately, on Saturday September 17, theARS posted on his Facebook page that the rescue was finally complete. The 27 dogs remaining on site were taken to the partner shelter Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge (DDBBR) of the county of Scottin the state of Virginia to United States.

“Our small center has been working for some time to resolve this situation. We are very grateful to the ARC and other associations who have helped to humanely solve this long-standing problem”a declared Kimberley Falconthe founder of DDBBRa WSMV4.

Care and affection before leaving for new adventures

On the spot, the rescuers discovered an obviously lactating dog which they named Jasmine. She had recently had a litter, but still had to find the babies.

After a few minutes of searching, they finally unearthed it in a makeshift burrow. Fortunately, they were in great shape.

“These animals were receiving primary care, but their medical and emotional needs were neglected. So they reproduced relentlessly.an adding Tim Woodwardthe director of theARS.

Today, the various shelters organize themselves so that canids benefit from a thorough veterinary examination in addition to the sterilization, vaccination and identification essential to their future adoption.

In addition, many of them were infested with parasites and suffered from heartworm disease (or cardiopulmonary dirofilariasis).

They are currently recovering thanks to the care provided by the volunteers. Similarly, a dog trainer is responsible for socializing them and teaching them the rules of life as domestic dogs.

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When they are ready, they will be offered for adoption. “Today their lives have changed for the better, and we look forward to getting them the treatment and attention they need. Seeing them become full, happy, healthy and loved members of a family will be our greatest reward.”a conclusion Tim.


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