These are the dog breeds that live the longest


Long live our dear dog!

We don’t want to think about the day our beloved pooch will leave us. Dogs are part of the family, they are our faithful companions and our most loyal friends. Their loss marks a heartbreaking moment in our lives, prompting some future owners to choose their furry friends from among the longest-lived dog breeds.

Whether the desired size is small, medium or rather something approaching the gentle giant, it would also be useful to know the life expectancy of the dog. Generally speaking, the breed of the dog should give you a good idea of ​​how long it has been around. But there are other factors to consider.

Does size have an impact on longevity?

Absolutely. Size is a major factor in the life expectancy of a dog breed. “Smaller mammals would generally live longer,” says veterinarian Catherine Lenox of pet food company Royal Canin. “We don’t really know why, but it could depend on the assumption of the animal, and it is true for the dog.”

What factors do we have no control over?

As with humans, we cannot control certain aspects of aging. Diseases, accidents and genetic predispositions to certain conditions all have an impact on a dog’s lifespan. You can do a DNA test to screen for their genetic health issues, but it won’t prevent the disease.

How to prolong the life of our dog?

You can’t change your genetic data, but bad genes don’t always mean bad luck. The general well-being of your animal is what is essential. “Genetic diseases account for 20% of health problems in dogs (and cats), and the remaining 80% result from poor lifestyle habits or the environment,” says Karen Shaw Becker, veterinarian and author of The Forever Dog.

You can team up with your veterinarian to better engage and manage or reduce common health risks. “It’s the best way to reduce the likelihood of future illnesses in your dog.”

In the end, what you can do to improve and extend your dog’s life isn’t that complicated.

“Be proactive and manage medical issues with your veterinarian, helping your dog maintain a normal weight (not overweight or underweight) and feeding them quality, complete and balanced foods without excess treats,” advises Catherine Lenox. Also, make sure he gets enough exercise.

According to veterinarian Lenox, here are the breeds that can live beyond 15 years. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there is no guarantee that your dog will reach this age, even if it is one of the defined breeds. But it increases the likelihood that your beloved quadruped will be by your side longer.

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