their dog victim of an act of cruelty

Under the thick layer of hair, in fact, were hiding several large wounds: five cavities and scratches, it was the infection of the wound that caused the cyst. For the veterinarian, it seems unlikely that the dog was injured alone, there were blows, with a tool similar to a pitchfork. The couple preferred to put an end to the suffering of the dog, already exhausted by the desire for the cyst and which should have undergone a second operation.

It is impossible to say when the attack on Elvis dates back.

Eglantine Bonnafous

A deliberate act

For the couple, it is misunderstanding, this act of cruelty is according to them voluntary and free: “The dog was old, he did not come out of the garden and was always nearby, we do not understand who could have done this. . » The garden is protected by a fence of about one meter.

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