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Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue, has been contacted to help two dogs, Camryn and Emma, ​​who have been abandoned in a national park.

As the site The Dodo explains, an onlooker tried to make contact with the two abandoned doggies, without success.

Abandoned dogs in a national park

Impossible for him to leave the dogs in this situation because intense weather phenomena were soon to hit the national park.

Suzette therefore moved to pick up the two friends. Very quickly, the woman understood that the two doggies had become inseparable. As proof, they headed together towards the set trap: “They were both trying to go there together, which never works (…) The trap will not close if two of them are in it”.

Eventually, it will take her hours to catch the two pals. In the car that was taking them to the association, the two friends were glued to each other.

Camryn and Emma are looking for a new family

At the veterinarian, the canines were temporarily separated during the consultation. The reunion was always so sincere.

“They kept touching noses as if to say, ‘OK, we’re together. Everything is going well. »

Shortly after, the two puppies were placed together in a foster home. Today, the two friends are looking for a new family to spend the rest of their lives together.

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