the work of dogs handicapped by too dry ground

Last year, on opening day, Frédéric Dorier, president of the hunters’ union of Châtenoy-en-Bresse, attended the birth of Sansa de la grande genetière, a dog of the Spaniel breed from Saint-Usuge. Aged one year, she raised a hare for her first opening “but did not know how to follow up” explains, proudly, her master. The latter, however, accompanied by two other dogs Ollie, 4 years old and Fidgi 13 years old of the same breed, did not fire a single shot in the morning. Ordinarily, the pointing dog goes up the emanations of the game. But with too dry soil like now, there is no emanation. Dogs can pass 20 m from game without feeling it”. Nevertheless, Frédéric Dorier saw two pheasants and three red partridges. In the afternoon, he took a pheasant hen”. It was Sansa who scrubbed her in a bramble to her master’s satisfaction.

Pheasant, partridge and pigeons on the board

Not far from there, it is “with fervor and sharing”, that Didier Perrusson, president of the Société de Chasse d’Épervans made his 40th opening accompanied by his two sons and his 6-year-old grandson. The wives and companions were also in the game. But they were also there to prepare a good meal taken together at noon. “This year, he says, we have new hunting companions: Ricka, Quentin’s 2-year-old Drathaar female dog; Skippy, Benoît’s English setter female dog; Topaze the very last, an 8-month-old Korthal female dog that I have acquired this spring. We are counting on their future know-how in order to make game fly or run. This opening looks rather good. This dry summer has been beneficial for the pheasant. The hare, meanwhile, seems to be weaker density. It is for this reason that it was decided not to draw it from the opening. It will be open only 2 Sundays with a possible sampling on 1 Sunday for each hunter. On the board of the day: 1 cock pheasant , 2 gray partridges, 2 pigeons.

Boars drawn

Let’s cross the Saône to go to Barizey in the Chalonnais vineyard where “the opening will take place next weekend, enough time to let the winegrowers finish their work!”, says Jean-Pierre Lacour, president of the French Association for the Future of Hound Hunting (AFACCC 71). Currently, there are only a few pigeons and hares to hunt on the plain. Suddenly, Jean-Pierre Lacour went to hunt wild boar in the Morvan where there are a few companies. “However at this time, he says, the temperature rises quickly and it’s dry for the dogs who will take 2 or 3 weeks to regain their shape, moreover it’s the same for the guy! For me, the good period arrives with the first woodcocks at the beginning of November, woodcocks hunted with the pointer, this also corresponds to the fall of the leaves and the first beautiful adapted with hounds!” Let’s stay in Autunois-Morvan in Lucenay-l’Évêque, to point out that members of the Visigneux hunters’ association shot wild boars but without taking one. “It will be for next time”.

Raised game

Let’s now go to Bresse, precisely to Romenay where we were waiting. Jean-Paul Voisin, secretary of the Saône-et-Loire departmental federation of hunters. “The temperature was favorable this Sunday morning, 8 degrees at 8 a.m. and beautiful sunshine all day. early morning”, points out Jean-Paul Voisin. After encounters with other hunters around 10 a.m. little game lifted a hare sighted but not shot and a pheasant lifted and shot but missed. Around 11 a.m. the stronger heat encouraged the game birds to move and several pheasants were lifted by the dogs. Around noon taking the way back to eat, a company of partridges took the opportunity to fly away at the edge of a corn well hidden in the tall grass to surprise the hunters a few feathers fell at the gunshot but no partridge fell. In the afternoon, after a refreshing rest to relieve the muscular fatigue of the dogs and their master, the search for game undertaken around 4 p.m. allowed for three hours to pry a few pheasants. On the other hand, the hares were able to remain discreet, taking advantage of the still intense vegetation at the start of the hunting season. “If you want great sensations, live the hunt developed to keep good hunting memories even if you are empty-handed”, underlines Jean-Paul Voisin.

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