“The whole animal laughs” at the Théâtre du reflex

Tout l’animal’rit, the new show by Pilule and André de Vera, is presented this Sunday June 26 at 6 p.m. at the Reflex Theater. With their last song All animals talk to each other the magician-singer André de Vera and the clown Pilule will bring all the children to meet these (curious) friends who live around us.

There is no doubt that Pilule will confuse everything again and blunder to stimulate laughter at each presentation, but André and the complicit public will take it upon themselves to restore order in this improvised zoo. Helped by Coco the parrot, a ventriloquism puppet with tremendous talents as an imitator, the artists will lead the public into the world of animals.

17 rue de la Couloumine. Price €6. Res. 06 52 19 49 69 or 06 22 17 57 45 [email protected]

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