the whale stranded in Finistère found the open sea last night

Carried out last night, the rescue operation of the cetacean which had run aground on a beach in Finistère is a success. The 12-meter-long whale has returned to the sea. “Miraculous”, according to Sea Shepherd.

It was a last-ditch operation. That night, volunteers and firefighters mobilized to save the 12-meter whale that had been stranded since the day before on a beach in Finistère. A “miraculous” rescue took all night to Ploéven for the animal to find the open sea in complete safety.

It was the Sea Shepherd association that carried out the operations alongside the Finistère firefighters to save the cetacean, which weighs nearly 8 tons. During the day, an attempt to tow the whale had been obtained but had failed. The whale was weakened, but not injured.

“The whale was still alive but in a very pronounced state of weight loss and weakening. It would have run aground naturally,” said the Finistère prefecture.

Covered in wet sheets

The volunteers and the firefighters therefore decided to wait for the high tide, at night, and dug a trench in the sand to help it get back on its own. Volunteers and local residents mobilized with shovels, and two backhoes were even dispatched to the scene.

Specialists from the French Office for Biodiversity and the Iroise Marine Nature Park visited the animal to check its condition. He had been covered in damp sheets to help hydrate him.

“It was wonderful”

Around 1 a.m., the Sea Shepherd Association announces the success of the rescue. “The whale has left, she rejoices on Twitter. Some said it was dying, wasted effort, tide too low, we had helped it and it understood it”. The association thus says that the animal “put all its energy into leaving and with our help, it got there, it was magnificent!”.

It is the third cetacean that has been stranded since the beginning of September on the coast of Brittany. Two whales found themselves stranded on beaches a few days apart on the island of Sein on September 2 and on a beach in Tréguennec on September 10. Unlike this one, the two animals died without being able to find the open sea.

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