The urban exodus, myth or reality?

Tonight, The phone rings is interested in the urban exodus which seems to have become more democratic among city dwellers, especially Ile-de-France residents since Covid-19. Even if there is still little data on this phenomenon, real estate specialists come to confirm it by noting that the newcomers are driving up prices. INSEE also points out that when Ile-de-France residents settle in the Provinces, they create significant life gaps with their new neighbours. This creates the anger of some elected officials, accusing them of breaking the real estate market. We also know that the first city in France that attracts inhabitants of the Paris region, of all ages, is Lyon, followed by Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseille.

For the rest, we lack elements, to the point that researchers are looking at school registrations or mail forwarding to try to find out more.

So this evening, we are counting on you to testify on 01 45 24 70 00, regardless of where you are, whether you have decided to go green or not, or whether you are yourself in an area where you see city dwellers arriving.

Join us to talk about it tonight:

Eric Charmes, research director at ENTPE, author of Revenge of the Villages (Threshold), and Metropolis and residential remoteness (Other).

Jerome Batout, essayist, author of Revenge of the Province (Gallimard)

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