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Quimper Tattoo Show: “A need to externalize”

From the four pieces of France, more than a hundred tattoo artists landed this weekend at the Penvillers exhibition center for the 4th edition of the Quimper Tattoo Show. And proof of the current speed of tattooing, the salon was packed on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September. [Reportage de notre journaliste Benjamin Pontis]

Seated, from left to right, Gwenaëlle Jézéquel, mediator and Virginie Bosse, receptionist.  Standing from left to right, Emilie Leguellec, secretary and Françoise Peron, mediator.

In Quimper, family mediation, “a space for transition and reconstruction”

The family mediation service of Udaf (Departmental Union of Family Associations) is making its second comeback in Quimper. Created in 2020, this space is dedicated to couples going through a divorce or separation, who are struggling to find common ground. [Notre journaliste Anaëlle Larue fait le point

The Unmissable in Quimper

Vintage Quimper bicycle: the bicycle, “it’s our heritage”

From the Michaudine to the Solex via bicycles made in Quimper, the Vélo Vintage Quimper (VVQ) association aims to preserve this heritage. [
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The Unmissable in Quimper

In Quimper, the council of the night enters the track

Forty-two tracks and proposals. Here is what the Quimper night council will be able to work on, meeting for the first time on Thursday evening, in order to translate them into concrete proposals to harmonize nightlife and the quality of life of the inhabitants. [La vidéo]

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Quimpérois, are you going to boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar? [Appel à témoignages]

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