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On Saturday October 8, at Parc de Bercy, Paris celebrates animals. Dog, cat, fox, falcon: discover the diversity of the fauna that surrounds us

Four days after World Animal Day, the City of Paris is organizing a major event to celebrate small animals: animal party in town. The idea is to learn more about the place of the animal in Paris, whether domestic or not. Speakers on site will make you discover the wildlife that surrounds you or tips for training your pet : how to hold it for a walk, where to take it etc.

This October 8 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., the party takes place throughout Paris but most of the entertainment takes place at Parc de Bercy (12th). On the program: observation of birds and insects, learning first aid gestures for domestic animals or even a training session.

Observation of baby falcons in Paris

The event is also designated at Parc Georges Brassens (15th). Birds of prey flights are organised, the inauguration of the largest insect hotel in Paris, theobservation baby falcons or insect tastings. In the 16th district, an exceptional photo session is set up. Registered Parisians can take a portrait of their dog or cat by photographers from the “Harcourt” agency, famous for its black and white shots. This photo session being complete, another is also organized at the Parc de Bercy.

A collection of donations is also set up for “Messalls full”. This association works all year round to help people in great difficulty to take care of their pet. In addition to “Meals full”, about twenty associations take part in the event. The opportunity to discuss with them to learn about animal welfare and the place of wildlife in the city.

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