The true from the false. Is this photo of Jean Castex in the metro true?

Jean Castex, alone, sitting on a jump seat in the Paris metro, looking a little into the void, a backpack placed at his feet. This image of “everyman” who takes the metro has been circulating for several days on social networks and has not failed to make Internet users react. The photo has thus become a meme and has been hijacked many times.

The entourage of Jean Castex confirms the authenticity of this photo which would be beautiful and very recent. The former Prime Minister has been president of Afit, the transport infrastructure funding agency in France, for several months. Without confirming that Jean Castex was going to his office when this photo was taken, his entourage ensures that the former head of government regularly takes public transport on a daily basis. Other photos of Jean Castex taken on the fly in the metro are circulating on the internet, in particular, because he renounced the advantages granted to him as a former Prime Minister.

Jean Castex has effectively renounced almost all the advantages granted by decree to former Prime Ministers. He refused the company car and the driver that former Prime Ministers can request and benefit from for ten years and until they are 67 years old. As a reminder, Jean Castex is only 57 years old.

An unwritten tradition also provides for unlimited police protection for all former prime ministers. This security is provided by the Service de la protection (SDLP). According to the Ministry of the Interior, this security is systematically offered to all former Prime Ministers. Protection that Jean Castex has refused for the moment. The only advantage he has retained is that of being able to benefit from a private secretary, assures those around him.

By making this choice, Jean Castex is rather an exception. In 2019, the Ministry of the Interior explained that ten former prime ministers benefited from protection, which cost more than 2.8 million euros in 2019 alone.

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