the trip for the men’s team cost 49,635 euros

The trip cost in total 116 075 euros. A sum justified by the good results of the French cycling team in recent years, according to the coach.

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The trip of the French cycling team to Australia, where the worlds were taking place, had created controversy since the men had traveled in business class while the women and the rest of the staff were in economy class. According to information from franceinfo, the trip cost a total of 116,075 euros, including 49,635 euros for the nine men in the team.

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An amount to which must be added “significant additional luggage to carry all the necessary equipment, all costs borne by the FFC”, specifies Christophe Manin, national technical director of cycling at the French Cycling Federation.

A significant total for this trip to Australia if we add to that, “airport-hotel transport, visas at 300 euros per person, accommodation costs, food and staff holidays”, explains Christophe Manin to franceinfo.

“It’s an assumed choice of the national technical management and I have no more comments to make on it. If we had finished in recent years in 50th and 60th places, I think the boys would not have had this privilege. “, explained Thomas Voeckler, the coach of the French men’s team and former cycling champion, Sunday, December 18 on franceinfo.

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