the temptation to forget the virus

The National Assembly puts an end to this legislative arsenal put in place since 2020 to control the Covid-19 epidemic. No more recourse to confinement, obligation to wear a mask or even a health pass. A distance from a period of restrictions that marked us all and seems to give us hope for a summer far from the constraints experienced two years in a row.

However, it is difficult to imagine that a seventh wave will not be followed by another. Disarming yourself in the face of Covid can be a sign of victory, but also an admission of failure in the face of a pandemic whose end is not decreed. There remains the question of the effectiveness of vaccines in the face of the evolution of viruses, and in the meantime, of the care given to fragile, elderly or immunocompromised people who are still exposed.

To find out what the future of Covid is and the ethical questions posed by the decision to disarm in the face of the Covid epidemic, we are in the company of Gilles Pialoux, head of the infectious diseases department at Tenon, president of the French Society for the Fight against AIDS, and of Frédéric Worms, philosopher and director of the ENS.

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